The Center for Cyber Defense (CCD) is activily involved in several research projects. Some of the current projects are:

  1. NSF CyberCorps Project entitled “Carolina Cyber Defense Scholarship”, ($3,482,744, for 2017-2022, PIs Yu, Williams, Yuan, Xu, Dorzier).
  2. National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA) project entitled “Consortium Enabling Cybersecurity Opportunities and Research (CECOR)”, ($1,657,690, for 10/1/2014-9/30/2019, PIs: Williams, Carr, Yu, Yuan).
  3. NSF grant entitled “Collaborative Research: Developing and Assessing Educational Simulations to Enhance Cyber Security Learning in Computer Science Programs,” ($150,000, 10/1/2018-9/30/2021, PIs: Dr. Yuan and Xu).
  4. NSA project entitled “Expanding Cyber Security Educational Opportunity to Multiple Disciplines”: ($298,008, 9/6/2017-9/5/2019, PIs: Yuan, Xu, Qu, Xie, Hakeem).
  5. NSA Cybersecurity National Action Plan (CNAP) sponsored project titled “Developing Course Modules on Cybersecurity Software and Product Development” ( $104,000 for 2017 – 2018, PIs: Drs. Anwar and Yuan).
  6. NSA project entitled “Developing Micro-Modules for Teaching Android Secure Coding with Hands-on Labs,” ($160,781, 9/15/2017-9/14/2019, PIs: Yuan, Doss).
  7. NSA/NSF project entitled “The GenCyber Student Summer Camps at NC A&T”, ($84.797.69, 3/22/2018-3/21/2019, PIs: Yuan, Xu, Qu).
  8. NSF project entitled “Collaborative Research: Enhancing Cyber Security Education Using POGIL” ($194,303, for 2016-2019, PIs: Yuan, Xu, Waters).
  9. NSF Beacon Center grant titled “Evolving Communication Architectures of Malicious Android Apps”: ($46,656 for 2017 – 2018, PI: Dr. Anwar).
  10. NSF project entitled “SaTC: EDU: Collaborative: Enhancing Security Education Through Transiting Research on Security in Emerging Network Technologies” ($99,167, 9/1/2017-8/31/2019, PI: Yuan).
  11. AFRL/Clarkson Aerospace Corporation project titled “Enforcing Security and Privacy in Cloud Computing through Auditing”: ($290,566, for 2014-2018, PI: Dr. Anwar).
  12. NSF HBCU-UP Targeted Infusion Project entitled “Integrating Mobile Computing and Security into a Computer Science Curriculum” ($489,544, for 7/1/2013-6/30/2018, PIs: Yuan, Bryant, Williams, Xu).
  13. NSF project entitled “REU Site: Research Experiences for Undergraduates in Cyber Identity” ($299,559, for 3/1/2015-2/8/2019, PIs: Drs. Roy, Esterline, Yuan).
  14. Aerospace Corporation project entitled “Enforcing Security and Privacy in Cloud Computing through Auditing” ($147,630, for 2014-2018, PIs: Drs. Anwar, Dozier).
  15. DoD HBCU/MI Research and Education Grant Project entitled “Trustworthy, Privacy Enhanced and Secure Cyber Identity Framework” ($595,707, 8/2015 – 8/2018, PIs: Drs. Roy, Esterline, Bryant).
  16. NSF Beacon Center grant titled “Ensemble and Neural Network Topological Evolution for Touch-Based Authentication, Source of Support”: ($57,201 for 09/01/2017-08/31/2018, PI: Dr. Kaushik Roy).
  17. National Science Foundation (NSF) project entitled "ACE Implementation Project: Data Science and Analytics Advancing STEM Education at North Carolina A&T State University", ($1,275,794.00, for June 2017 - May 2022 PIs: Edoh, Tang, Esterline, Warrack, Byrd, Wang, Whitehead, Flurchick, Davis, Kanipes-Spinks, Anwar, Harrison, and Yuan).
  18. Department of Defense (DOD) and National Security Agency (NSA), "Research Experiences for Undergraduates Site on Data Science and Analytics", ($239,946.00, for March 2018 - February 2019 PIs: Edoh, Esterline).